Journal of Solid Earth Sciences

Earth science or geoscience includes all fields of natural science related to the planet Earth. It is the branch of science dealing with the physical constitution of the earth and its atmosphere. Earth science is the study of our planet’s physical characteristics, from earthquakes to raindrops, and floods to fossils. Solid-earth science refers to the corresponding methods of study, a subset of Earth sciences, predominantly geophysics and geology, excluding aeronomy, atmospheric sciences, oceanography, hydrology, and ecology.

Journal of Solid Earth Sciences is an open access, peer reviewed journal solely aims to provide a forum of important advances in earth science, to strengthen the communication of the scientists, professor, researchers, and all the readers through Original/Research articles, Review/mini review articles, Editorials, short communications, case reports, clinical images and letters. All received manuscripts will go through Double Blind Peer Review and final decision shall be based on the high level of quality by providing world wide access.


Constantinos V. Chrysikopoulos, PhD
Technical University of Crete,

Fidele Suanon, PhD,

Chinese Academy of Sciences,