United Prime Publications Membership

United Prime Publications Membership offers access for supporting the scholarly publication and participation of its representatives and students benefits. As the scientific literature and technical research is amplifying gradually, it is hard for the researchers to publish their study frequently, therefore we initiated a program i.e., Membership with United Prime Publications which accomplish the vision of making Healthcare & Scientific Information Open Access, enables academic and research institutions, societies, groups and funding organizations.

  • Individual membership: for scientists, researchers, educators, & industry professionals
  • Departmental membership: for various departments of the organization
  • Institutional membership: for universities, research/educational institutes, societies & associations
  • Research Funding membership: for funding societies and organizations
Type 1 Year
Individual Membership
2000 USD
Departmental Memership
4000 USD
University Membership
5000 USD
Scientific Societies/Industrial Membership
6000 USD

Note:Unlimited number of manuscripts can be submitted to any journal of United Prime Publications